La Vie Aesthetics – Instant Teeth Whitening

Since young, I have always known the importance of a set of healthy white teeth. I was very fortunate to have grown up with a pair of straight teeth. So much so that many thought I had braces on before.

Despite this, I am not satisfied with the shade of my teeth. I find them slightly yellowish very much due to my daily consumption of coffee and tea.

I do not fancy take home gel kits from doctor because of the super high price point and majority causes teeth sensitivity. Maybeline went to try out La Vie Aesthetics and she told me to give them a try.

I went down for a consultation and realized that my teeth with its tinge of slight yellowish-ness was at Shade 24.

After the consultation, I went into one of the treatment room and brushed my teeth. This is to ensure that I do not have stains on my teeth before they begin the treatment.

The subsequent process comprised of the application of gum protector followed by the whitening gel. I did not worry much about the whitening gel touching my gums because of the layer of gum protector. It came in the form of a blue fluid which hardened upon LED light.

A good 15 seconds of LED light hardened the blue fluid. There was no uncomfortable sensation during this process. Following on, the whitening gel was applied to the surface of the teeth. The total treatment time was 35 minutes with 2 rounds of teeth whitening done at 15 minutes each. The other 5 minutes was spent on the gum protection and the application of the gels.

After the treatment, my teeth immediately lighten by 8 shades when I compared with their teeth shade template! Initially, they promised results of up to 6 shades lighter but results may vary between individuals. Lucky me! I got 8! Lucky number 8 before the start of new year! Of course I was elated and I knew that I am ready for CNY!

Each session cost $588. Here’s a quick perk for you guys as I am going to help you save $420!!! Treat this as your first ‘Ang Bao’! All you have to do is simply quote my name to enjoy the service at $168 and I guarantee you a pleasant surprise at the end of the session!

La Vie Aesthetics located at 277 Orchard Road, #04-08 Orchard Gateway, 238858.

Please visit their Facebook page for more information –, and

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